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Hiking in Costa Rica with my lazy girl job

Remote work made simple: Easy jobs with no experience

Are there easy jobs available as remote work? In a world where this type of work has become the norm (or even the dream), the opportunities for landing a job and never having to step foot are endless. I’m here to give you examples on how you don’t need to work in IT or have previous experience to get a remote job. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the easiest remote jobs and fields to get started with, even if you’re a beginner. Let’s dive in!

I’ve been working remotely for almost 4 years and I constantly hear people talk about how they don’t have enough skills or experience to be doing it, too. I wrote a separate article here about the typical misconceptions people have behind finding work online. All of the fields and jobs I’m about to recommend here are easy to get started with.

Customer Service Representative

More and more companies outsource their customer service roles to remote workers, especially abroad. You need excellent communication skills and a customer-centric approach. If you’re reading this and have good spelling and grammar, that already means you can work in customer service. That’s how easy it can be! And depending on the company, they might need you to be a native speaker in your language. If you happen to speak a major language, from Hindi to Portuguese, that already gives you an advantage.

Multinational companies tend to offer customer support in multiple languages. The amount of outsourcing happening at the moment is astounding. Large companies like Amazon have thousands of employees all over the world offering support to their customers in English, without being native English speakers. All you need is good connectivity and the ability to be a multitasker.

remote work easy jobs
Virtual Assistance

One of the most accessible remote jobs for beginners is virtual assistance. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are in constant need of administrative support. Tasks may include email management, scheduling appointments, and data entry. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer a wide range of opportunities to kickstart your virtual assistant career. I made a video with a woman that has no college education about how she travels the world while offering remote administrative jobs on Fiverr. You can check it out here.

Here are two fun facts for you: one of my income sources at the moment is working as a virtual assistant! I do social media, negotiate contracts and manage a chunk of my client’s website. I’m in my lazy girl job era – a decent amount of money for full flexibility and freedom to travel. It’s extremely flexible and as long as I deliver within 2-3 days of getting the tasks assigned my boss is happy. I also have a virtual assistant! Funny, huh? I needed some organization in my life, and I am not a fan of creating visuals and graphics. My virtual assistant takes annoying tasks off my hands while I can focus on my own projects.

Content Writing

If you have a way with words, content writing is a fantastic remote job option. Many websites, blogs, and businesses are on the lookout for talented writers to create engaging and informative content. Other related jobs to content writing are copywriting and editing. You do not need to be a native English speaker for these, and I know for a fact that many companies that use European languages need these services too.

remote text easy jobs
Working from a farm in South Africa
Social Media Management

If you’re already a content creator or are familiar with the ins and outs of social media, why not create content for others? In this day and age everyone needs an online presence. You can even create a portfolio by offering services to local businesses that you know have either no digital footprint, or their social media could use some work. You can either have a basic knowledge of them all, or you could be an expert in a specific one. I know of people getting hired for their Pinterest and LinkedIn skills. No marketing degree is required, but having a portfolio of previous work, even by showcasing your own social media profile, could help.

Data Entry

For those who are detail-oriented, data entry is a straightforward remote job. Many companies hire remote workers to input, update, and manage data. That’s it. The company will usually have training involved to help you understand and use their own databases. This can be a very monotonous job for some, but if you like repetitive tasks and very little interaction with other people, this is the job for you. So if you see entry-level data management jobs, don’t be daunted by the title! Now you know that it’s something as simple as inputting information on databases.

In the US doing a coworking session with Vivi, one of my digital nomad friends
Teaching languages

Do you have to be a teacher? No. I’m not going to talk about here whether or not it’s suitable or sustainable for you to be teaching a language. Is it possible? YES. Are you a native English speaker? You have SO many opportunities to be teaching English, even oral English! You basically get paid to talk to others. Are you a native speaker of another major language? You can even teach kids online with no experience required. 

If you do have a teaching certificate or experience you can charge even more, but normally rates start from $5-10 USD per hour to teach. If you’re a native English speaker, it’s even more. All you need are noise-cancelling headphones and proper internet connection. Websites like Preply are a great place to start. 

Where to look for remote jobs

Having worked across Asia, Europe and the Americas means that I’m very familiar with application processes and HR requirements in multiple regions. Yes, some people do get lucky finding remote jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed, but I’d pay attention to special websites focusing on remote jobs instead. I compiled a list of 20 remote job sites where you can start looking for jobs.

easy remote jobs
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Hey there, and welcome to Go Global with Sibu! I’m a global citizen that has been living and traveling around the world since 2005 – all through budget travel, scholarships, study/work and living abroad opportunities.  I share everything I’ve learned over the years here – to prove to you that you don’t need money or privilege to enjoy everything that this world has to offer. 

Here are some quick tips for your CV:
  • Keep your CV to ONE PAGE only, unless you have 15-20 years of experience
  • Do NOT include a picture if you’re applying to a US company.
  • If you had to work from home during the pandemic, highlight that.
  • Use AI to go through your CV and showcase your soft skills.

Most importantly, if you already fulfill 60% of the main requirements, APPLY. The rest are skills you can learn on the job. Women, especially, usually ONLY apply to jobs when they’re about 100% qualified for the job, while men don’t. Imposter syndrome is real.

What is the biggest skill needed to work remotely?

One of the biggest requirements for working remotely is one that we rarely think about: independence. Employers are not going to see you face-to-face. They need to know that you’re reliable and able to complete tasks without micromanagement involved. One of the best ways to break into the remote work field is to get one of the jobs I listed above while you look for something that’s in your field. 6 months with one of these jobs and I can assure you that it will be much easier for you to change positions.

Now that you’ve got your remote job, you can either make the most of your time at home or start seeing the world! If that seems daunting, don’t worry. I’ve got an article here on how to become a digital nomad, with steps included. Competition is fierce, but with the right approach and persistence, you can land a remote job. Leverage online platforms and continue to enhance your skills to make yourself stand out in the world of remote work. I would have never thought I’d be able to travel the world while making money, but here I am! So can you.

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