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Do you want to start traveling more but don’t know how? Have you always dreamt about living in a specific country? Studying in another continent? Volunteering abroad?

But don’t know where to start? I’ve got you!

I was 6 months old when I first moved abroad. I’ve lived, worked, and studied across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. I’ve visited dozens of countries. I was raised traveling. It’s what I’m most passionate about. It’s what I’ve been doing alone since 2005. And it’s what I do best.

I’ve dealt with visas, job applications in multiple countries, making a living abroad, the list is endless. It hasn’t been easy, and money has been scarce more than once, but I managed it. And now I want to pass on my knowledge.

Whether you’re new in the world of travel, just want to gain more confidence, you’re looking for ideas on where to go, you’re dying to move or study abroad, or you simply need help navigating all of the changing restrictions, I’ve got you.