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Trusted housesitters Review
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Trusted Housesitters Review: The Solution to your Travel and Pet Care Dilemmas

You might have seen Trustedhousesitters pop up on your feed or as part of an ad. I have been using the platform for 4 years now, and this is the one responsible for helping me travel full-time. I often get asked about how the platform works, so I wanted to write this honest Trustedhousesitters review, where I’ll explain in detail the main things you need to know about the platform and how to make the most of it.

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Trusted Housesitters Review
By far one of my favorite housesits
What is Trustedhousesitters?

It’s an international platform that connects homeowners (the pet owners) together with trusted housesitters. It was founded in 2010, it’s originally from the UK, and it serves as a way to enable travel for all parties involved. If you have pets, you’ll be able to find trustworthy people on the platform to take care of your fur babies while you’re gone. If you are a pet lover, this will allow you to travel to new destinations without paying for accommodation. All both parties have to do is pay a membership to be able to access the platform. If you don’t think it’s legit, then maybe their 18k+ reviews averaging 4.5/5 on Trustpilot will change your mind. 

How Much Do You Pay for TrustedHousesitters?

When it comes to TrustedHousesitters, there are different packages and all of these will give you access to the platform. The basic membership only gives you access to housesits. The standard has a few more perks like vet calls and insurance included. Then there is Premium. Personally, if you’ll be using the platform often, I’d go for Premium. This one is the one that has a cancellation policy, which means that if one of the parties cancels the sit last minute, you’ll be given an alternative.

There are monthly packages available if you’re not ready to pay for the full year. The price varies depending on your location. This helps make the platform more affordable to those with a lower purchasing power/weaker currency. Prices in the US and Europe can range from $100-200 USD per year. YES, per year. You can use the platform as many times as you want throughout the 365 day-membership. Within a day or two of using the platform, whether you’re a homeowner or a sitter, you would be getting the equivalent of your money back. The best part? You can pay for a combined membership: giving you access to homes while traveling AND pet sitters if you happen to have pets at home, too.

trustedhousesitters review
The different memberships. The price varies according to the region.
How Does TrustedHousesitters Work?

TrustedHousesitters simplifies the process of finding reliable pet and house sitters. Homeowners create listings detailing their requirements and desired dates, while pet sitters browse these listings and apply for positions that match their availability and preferences. Through secure communication channels within the platform, both parties finalize arrangements via messages or by jumping on a call. Once you’ve both agreed to the sit, you’re bound and protected by the platform throughout the dates of the sit.

How Safe is TrustedHousesitters?

Safety is extremely important at TrustedHousesitters. The platform uses security measures to safeguard users’ interests. These include ID verification (done by the same party that checks Airbnb’s IDs), thorough background checks, and a secure review system that encourages trust and transparency among community members. In my 4 years of using the platform, not once have I ever had a problem as a solo female sitter. If a sitter does not use the platform well, they will probably be kicked out of the platform.

Don’t forget that the Premium membership offers insurance. This means that if I were to damage something in the house, I would be covered. As a homeowner, you would be, too. In my 4 years of house sitting, I have only ever had one accident, and that was a flower vase that I broke. If something is valuable to you, just put it away. As a homeowner, you HAVE to be clear about whether or not you have cameras in the house. If you do and are not open about it, you could get banned from the platform. Let the sitter know which parts of the house are out of bounds. As a sitter, I do as I’m told because this platform means the world to me and I only want 5* reviews.

Trusted Housesitters review
I had the iconic Dolores Park in San Francisco right by one of my housesits.
How does the Housesitting process work?

I like to think of this as an interview process with a “dating” profile. As the sitter, I need to have references, pictures and a detailed profile about who I am and what I do. I’ll apply for the house sit by writing a “cover letter” about why I think I’d be a great fit for their home and pets, and then the homeowner will review my profile together with the other applicants. I could get the house sit right away, or I might do a video call or two with the homeowners to make sure we’re the right fit for each other. Once the owner agrees, I’ll get sent a confirmation, I click accept, and that’s it! We’ll stay in touch until the house begins and I show up in person.

Is TrustedHousesitters International?

Absolutely! It’s present in 100+ countries! And no, you don’t need to be in the same country to get accepted to a housesit. I’ve done housesits in 3 continents already, and the idea is to keep going! As a homeowner, you might have people from all over the world applying. You need to decide what you’re most comfortable with. This is the beauty of this platform – you might not be able to find someone local who wants to stay in your home, but people from abroad would. Maybe staying in the countryside in Greece isn’t appealing for a local, but it definitely could be for a foreigner. Don’t forget that we need our passports to sign up to the platform, adding an extra layer of security.

This was the lake we had access to from our housesit!
Can You Cancel a Trustedhousesitters sit?

Life is unpredictable, and TrustedHousesitters understand that. If you’re a homeowner, let the sitter know as quickly as possible. The same goes for the sitter if they need to cancel. You won’t be penalized for canceling before the sit starts. This is why it’s so important to get the Premium membership. If I cancel as a sitter, the homeowner will be given alternative solutions like a pet hotel or money to hire a sitter while they’re gone. As the sitter, I will be given money to stay at a hotel since I can’t house sit. This is all completely covered by the Premium membership. 

Can You Do House Sitting Without Pets?

Definitely! As a homeowner, you might have plants you need watered, or you simply feel safer knowing that there’s someone at home everyday while you’re gone. Having someone stay at home is probably even safer than having a security system in place. 

As a sitter, I definitely don’t need to have pets to be a part of the platform. I don’t have any! But loving pets is ideal, since most of the houses involve them. If you have any pictures with previous pets or with your friends’ fur babies, showcase them on your profile!

Do I get paid to use Trustedhousesitters?

This is a very common question, especially among people from the US. You do not get paid to housesit. Your flights are not covered, and neither is the food. This is an exchange of services: free accommodation in return for free house/pet sitting. Sure, you can get paid to housesit in the US, but that limits you to the US. You won’t find any other platform in the world that gives you access to free accommodation in 100+ countries, 365 days of the year. If you’re expecting to get paid, stay in your state in the US. If your goal is to travel more, sign up for this platform. It is a life-changing experience.

Both homeowners and sitters pay the monthly or yearly membership, and that’s it. That will give you access to unlimited pet sitting or accommodation for the whole year. You can also sign up for the combined membership, which could allow you to have someone sit for you while you’re traveling and potentially sitting for someone else.

Can I choose where and when to house sit?

Yes and no. You can filter by location and dates. Flexibility is key. You might find more housesits in a big city like San Francisco or Berlin, but for the most part, homeowners post the dates in which they’ll be gone and you apply for the sit directly.

You don’t need to travel halfway across the world to get a house sit. You can turn up notifications in your own area. Need a getaway somewhere nearby for the weekend? If you have roommates and live in New York City, for example, you could be doing house sits on your own in fancy apartments as a city getaway. I have definitely done this before.

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Trusted Housesitters Review
One of the many dogs I've housesat for.
Are references important? How can I get started?

Just like with any platform, references are important. They’re not really relevant to homeowners. As a homeowner, a detailed description of the home, tasks and responsibilities, along with pictures of the home and the pets is more than enough.

As a sitter, they really are important. So how do you start? Make sure to include pictures of you with animals if you have any to showcase your personality. Encourage homeowners to jump on video calls with you so they can get to know you. Connect your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to Trustedhousesitters (yes, this is possible). To start, you can have “external” references written by people who don’t belong to the platform. People who can vouch for you as a sitter (this is how I started – I had two friends with pets leave external references). Don’t aim for a competitive house sit to begin with. You can’t expect to get a housesit in central Paris with no experience when there are dozens of other applicants. Go local. If the housesit is only 1-2 nights long, your chances of getting it are higher. Once you have 2-3 reviews directly FROM the platform, I promise you you’ll be set.


Do I have to stay home all day taking care of the pets?

This is a fairly common question I get, too. If I am housesitting in New York City, do I need to stay in all day? I have yet to come across a housesit that wouldn’t allow me to go out, at least a few hours per day. As a homeowner, it’s YOUR responsibility to be clear about your expectations. Are you ok with your dogs being left alone all day and just taking them out every 12 hours? Would you rather have someone take them out every 6 hours? Do your pets need medication regularly?

I read through the requirements, and then decide if the housesit is a good fit for me or not. If my goal is to go out sightseeing, I choose simpler housesits. If I just want to rest, enjoy the property, or simply work remotely, I don’t mind staying in. After all, some of these properties are gorgeous! Some have pools, jacuzzis, and even beachfront properties. Some are perfect for a getaway. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

Trusted Housesitters Review
Imagine how much this place would cost on Airbnb! But It was nothing thanks to TH.
Can I bring other people along for a house sit?

YES! When you create the profile, you can choose whether or not you’re a solo sitter, going with someone, or with your whole family. Yes, you can even take your family along! And you can change your profile settings anytime. I’m now housesitting on my own, but the one before I did in San Francisco, I added my friend to the account temporarily. I put up a few pictures of us together, explained that it was my account but she was coming along, and that was it! PLEASE make sure you let the homeowner know you’re bringing someone along. You should be transparent about this unless you want to get a bad review.

As a homeowner, it is up to you to decide if you’d prefer a solo sitter or not. Some homes are small, some pets are anxious and are better off with one person. Some homes are huge, require more work, and if you have multiple pets, more people would work better for you. You’ll see the different types of profiles once people start applying for your sit. You’ll get solo travelers, families, or even mother-daughter duos. I took my mom on her first house sit a few months ago! She absolutely loved it.


Image getting access to beautiful homes all over the world like this one
How many hours of work does it involve as a sitter?

This all depends on the profile and requirements. If it’s a cat that might only be 20 min per day, if it’s a big dog a few hours because of walks. Is it a small apartment or a farm? I’ve even seen house sits in vineyards! This required a few hours of work per day. But imagine getting to stay in a vineyard with a pool and facilities all to yourself for free! It all truly depends on what you’re looking for. This is an exchange of services for free accommodation. But you will never be required to work full-time. You are not a worker, you’re just taking advantage of this exchange economy system. I once did a house sit with a friend. He helped out with the garden while I stayed behind and worked online. You can also split tasks and do what suits you best if you’re going with someone.

Do not forget that you’re staying in someone’s home and you’re expected to be respectful. Keep the place clean just like you would with your own home. You’ll be given a review at the end, after all. I personally try to always leave the place the way it was given to me or even better. I have never received anything lower than a 5* review.

Trusted Housesitters Review
Why use Trustedhousesitters as a homeowner?

As a homeowner (and as a former pet owner), I know why I’d use this platform. We know how difficult it is to travel once you have pets. How do you find trustworthy people to take care of them? Sure, you could hire a pet sitter to come in once or twice a day. Not only can that be expensive, but it’s not the same type of care. By using Trustedhousesitters, you know that there is someone ACTUALLY staying in your home taking care of your pets. No disruption, no moving them to another location. They’re in their safe space, and you’re just bringing someone along to look after them.

You make the rules in the post. How often do you want the sitter to be around? Please be considerate. It is impossible for people to be around 24/7. But if your pet suffers from anxiety and needs company every 4-5 hours, please be specific. In this case, a person who works remotely like myself might be more suitable to your needs. If your pet is actually anxious around strangers, just needs to be fed and left alone the rest of the day, write it down. You’ll have someone sleep over and keep an eye on them everyday no matter what.

Why use Trustedhousesitters as a traveler?

Where to begin?! If you’re a pet lover, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be signed up for this platform. You don’t need to travel full-time like myself to do this. You could even be using it for weekend breaks. I personally prefer housesitting to Airbnbs. These are actual homes. It gives me the opportunity to see how people from around the world live. I get to stay in local neighborhoods where the houses I’m staying in are fully equipped. I don’t have to worry about not having the basics like oil, salt and pepper. In a house sit, I have it all, because people actually live here.

But most importantly, the amount of money that I save is unbelievable. Staying in a villa of this scale in Dubai would set me back $150-200 USD per day. I’m here for 2 weeks as I’m writing this. You do the math. I basically get the money back for my membership in a day. I’ve done housesits in homes that are $500-1000 USD per day (I looked up the prices on Airbnb). I have access to homes I’d otherwise never have, and all for free. This is such a cool way to travel, and I cannot believe we live in a world where strangers would trust each other with their homes and pets. But this is all possible thanks to the system TH has in place. There are other platforms out there (I’ve tested them out, obviously). Nothing beats Trustedhousesitters. Stay in the Caribbean for a few weeks by the beach taking care of birds, help at a farm in South Africa or use an apartment with a cat in central Paris as a base for sightseeing. The possibilities are endl

trustedhousesitters review
Just a few examples of current housesits around the world
Have I convinced you yet?

As an avid user, there are so many reasons why I continue to encourage people to use this platform. Like I said before, this is in no way sponsored (I wish!). But this platform has truly changed my life. I was left without a home during the pandemic, and it was Trustedhousesitters that came to the rescue. I was able to house sit around Europe during the pandemic while I got back on my feet. I then went to the US and traveled around the country thanks to TH. The world has gone back to normal, and I’m now using it all over the world. I’m currently writing this from a housesit in Dubai. It’s in the outskirts of the city. Pool, gym, great parks, and the perfect set up for me to get work done. Again, it all depends on what you’re aiming to do.

This platform has saved me thousands over the years, and I can assure you, that whether you’re a homeowner or a sitter, not only will it save you money, but it will change your life, too. Age is not a factor, by the way. I’ve seen tons of people who are retired do the Trustedhousesitters thing full-time! And if you’re a pet owner, this platform should bring you some peace of mind. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below. I hope this Trustedhousesitters review was helpful. And don’t forget to use the link I provided together with my 25% off discount code – SIBU25 – to get you started. Happy travels!

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