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We’re back with another group trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina! A nation that I lovingly call one of my favorite countries in the world and I can’t wait to go back with you! This would be our FOURTH group trip to Bosnia! Our last group trip in May 2023 to this destination was a success and it needs to be repeated. 

Bosnia offers breathtaking nature, historic towns, and an incredible mix of cultures that is not commonly found around the world. It also is the location of a very dark past. The first war and genocide in Europe since the Second World War happened here and visiting this country without learning about the Bosnian War would not be right. 

For this trip, I’m once again partnering with Our World Too, an organization dedicated to changing the way that we perceive refugees. Thanks to Our World Too, we’re bringing to you a hybrid tour: the best of both worlds. Truly immersing yourself in the history and culture of  a destination while getting to enjoy the tourist highlights that Bosnia has to offer. You will have the opportunity to visit sites such as the Srebrenica Memorial Museum and learn more about the war from survivors – people who have actually LIVED through history. 

If you’re looking to visit a lesser-known destination in Europe, traveling in a completely different way, getting to meet new people, and immersing yourself in a new culture, then come and join us this September 16 – 22th, 2023, as we embark on a 7-day journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trip highlights: guided tours of Sarajevo, Mostar, Stolac and Travnik, Jajce waterfalls, visit to the Srebrenica Memorial Center along with meetings with survivors of the Bosnian War and the genocide; Sarajevo War Tunnels, Blagaj Dervish Lodge, and Pocitelj Fortress.

why join us?

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WHY bosnia?

A beautiful mix of East and West, with cobbled streets, castles, bridges and breathtaking scenery; all of this mixed with a tragic history that we should all learn about makes Bosnia a hidden gem in Europe. The incredible nature and religious diversity make Bosnia a destination unlike any other. Did I mention the €5 meals and €1 beers already?

WHY partner with our world too?

Our World Too (OWT) is a platform dedicated to rehumanizing the narrative surrounding refugees and displaced people. OWT wants to bring attention to the Bosnian genocide to create awareness of the tragic effects of fascism, in addition to preserving the honoring the stories of victims and survivors. 


I'm on a journey to break stereotypes and to show people beautiful destinations that they would normally overlook. Travel is more than just being in a destination: it means immersing yourself in its history and culture, and that is what you'll experience with me. Looking to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends while traveling? This is the chance to do so!


Please note that our itineraries give you a general guidelines as to what you will be experiencing. Disclaimer: The itinerary may be impacted by factors outside of our control such as weather or health restrictions due to CoVid-19. 

Day 1: Arrival into Bosnia and Herzegovina from Dubrovnik, Croatia
We will be waiting for you in the city center of Dubrovnik to be picked up at 3 pm. Dubrovnik has better connections than airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina so this will make things easier for you. We would also suggest you taking advantage of this stop to explore Dubrovnik before we pick you up!
We will then begin our journey towards Mostar, during which you will witness the beautiful landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We will be staying in the Kriva Cuprija hotel, which is the only UNESCO heritage site hotel in the whole city. This beautiful building has been preserved for more than 500 years.
You’ll have some time to explore the beautiful sights that Mostar has to offer before our welcome dinner in the evening.

Meals: dinner


Day 2: Explore Mostar and Blagaj


This morning we’ll explore the beautiful old town of Mostar, this will include walking over the historic Stari Most! As you walk across the cobbled streets and make your way to Mostar’s famous landmarks, our local Bosnian guide will be sharing stories from the Siege of Mostar and how people in the city survived during the Bosnian Genocide.


You can also visit the Koski-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque. Built in 1618 and rebuilt after the war where you will have the opportunity to climb the minaret for sweeping views of Stari Most and Mostar (tickets for the mosque and minaret will be self-funded).


In the afternoon, we’ll explore the Dervish Lodge located in picturesque Blagaj (tickets included.) You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some afternoon coffee or tea against a backdrop of the crystalline waters of the Buna River.


Once you’ve enjoyed Blagaj, we’ll head back to Mostar in the evening.


Meals: breakfast


Day 3: Stolac during the Bosnian War



We’ll spend the day in the beautiful town of Stolac learning more about the history of the city and how conditions were during the Bosnian War.


The necropolis in Radimlja, one of the most valuable monuments of the medieval period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the ancient citadel of Daorson are just two of unique historical pearls that we will explore in Stolac.


In the afternoon, after having lunch by the beautiful waterfalls in Stolac, we’ll visit Pocitelj. Here you’ll be able to expore the historic fortress and learn about the aggression the village was subjected to by Croatian nationalists during the Bosnian war.


Later in the day, we’ll be making our way to Sarajevo.


Meals: breakfast



Day 4: Sarajevo – where East meets West


After breakfast, we’ll begin bright and early with a visit to the Sarajevo War Tunnels (tickets included). Then we’ll proceed with a guided tour of Bosnia’s beautiful capital city Sarajevo, a city steeped in medieval and modern history. Our expert local guide will walk you through the cobblestone streets of the historic Baščaršija area of Sarajevo. You will also have the opportunity to hear about the siege of Sarajevo, the longest siege in modern history, from survivors.


We’ll be hosting lunch where you’ll be able to try burek, a Bosnian delicacy. Vegetarian options are available. In the evening, you will have some free time to join us for an optional cable car trip (tickets will be self-funded) to enjoy breathtaking views of the city or you can choose to explore the city and its traditional handmade stalls and bakeries. This will be a great opportunity to purchase locally-made gifts and souvenirs to take home with you.


Meals: breakfast and lunch



Day 5: Remembering Srebrenica


On this day, we’ll visit the Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial, where 8,372 Muslim men and boys were murdered in July 1995 as a result of sustained fascist and ethnonational propaganda spread by Serb nationalists.


Despite frequently being overlooked by media outlets in their coverage of the invasion of Ukraine, the Srebrenica Genocide was the worst atrocity to take place on European soil since WW2.


The extensive use of propaganda during the war in Bosnia dehumanized and painted the Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) population as an ‘incompatible other”. By visiting the memorial site, you’re taking part in a necessary effort to learn the importance of combating hate and preserving the stories of survivors and victims for future generations.


Meals: breakfast



Day 6: Off the beaten Bosnian path


We will be venturing up north to the town of Ahmići, a village where hundreds lost their lives due to aggression from Croat nationalist forces.


Following this, we will continue onwards to Travnik, a historic town in the central part of Bosnia. Here you’ll find Bosnian architecture that is unique to this region. We’ll walk through the narrow streets and learn more about the history before making our way to Plava Voda for a drink by its springs.


After Travnik, we’ll make our way to Jajce, famous for its nature and stunning waterfalls. There is ziplining here available for an additional price. In the evening, we will make out way back to Sarajevo and have a goodbye dinner.


Meals: breakfast and dinner

Day 7: Farewell


For the last day, breakfast will be included at the hotel. The tour officially ends after breakfast. You are welcome to leave your bags at the hotel’s reception and roam around the city if your flight or bus departs later in the day.

Transport to airports is not included but can be arranged upon request. Should you wish to extend your stay in Bosnia, let us know and we can assist you with accommodation, transportation and anything else you might require. If you would like recommendations on where to go after Bosnia and Herzegovina, just ask!

Meals: breakfast

Thank you for traveling with us!

price per person

September 16 - 22nd, 2023 / 7-Day Hybrid Tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina

$869 USD per person. Shared accommodation in 4* hotels.

2 nights in UNESCO World Heritage Hotel in Mostar.

4 nights in Sarajevo. 

Single room accommodation available. We also recommend this option for those who prefer not to share a room. For this option, please contact us directly to check availability.


The trip starts in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and ends in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Airport code for Dubrovnik: DBV / Airport code for Sarajevo: SJJ

You can purchase a flight to/from Dubrovnik for more convenience.

Sarajevo and Dubrovnik are a 4-hour drive away from each other. For more detailed flight information, please check our Q&A.

You will be picked up from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September the 16th at 3 pm for our drive into the country. You can also make your way to Mostar on your own if that's more convenient for you. This is where we will spend the first two nights. If you would like guidance when booking flights and regarding traveling onwards to Sarajevo, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What kind of accommodation can I expect?

All accommodation will be in double rooms where you will be sharing a room with another participant. Please keep in mind that hotel standards vary from country to country due to local regulations and the level of development.

Arranging transportation

If you wish to be picked up at another time outside of the time stipulated in the itinerary, this can be arranged for a fee. Drop-off to any of the following airports (Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split) can also be arranged after the tour. Please contact us directly for more information. The price will vary depending on the amount of people in the vehicle. 


Bosnia Group Trip FAQs

Yes! All you have to do is be ready for us to pick you up on September the 16th, 2023 at 3 pm in the city center of Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

You’re more than welcome to make your own way to Mostar. English is widely spoken in Dubrovnik and you can go on your own to Mostar from there. You can arrange a private shuttle or catch a bus. The prices for the buses start from $25 USD one-way.

Alternatively, you can also fly to Sarajevo and catch a bus or train from there to Mostar. I highly recommend using Omio to compare prices and book transportation in Europe. 

We are using Dubrovnik as a base because it offers a wider range of flights than Sarajevo. There are direct flights from Dubai, Istanbul, Newark, as well as dozens of airports from all around Europe. If you have a bit more time, this is also an excellent opportunity for you to cross off an extra city and check out Dubrovnik before our group trip starts! If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is for you.

Just remember, our group trip officially starts on the 16th of September at 8 pm for our welcome dinner. Accommodation is included that evening. We suggest you arrive in Mostar that same evening. 

For visa requirements to enter Bosnia, please check with the Bosnian embassy in your country.

More than 70 countries require no visa to enter. If you have a long-term residency or visa in the European Union or in the USA, you can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina visa-free. 

There are no CoVid requirements to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time of writing (May 2023).

If you need to check your own country’s requirements or countries where you might have a layover – For the latest guidance on CoVid restrictions, please visit IATA’s guidance page

If you’re coming from within Europe, we recommend flying to Dubrovnik (Airport code: DBV) and flying back from Sarajevo (Airport Code: SJJ). 

For anyone flying from outside of Europe, we recommend flying in and out of the same airport to keep costs down.

Dubrovnik would be the best choice since it is where we’ll be picking you up. You can alternatively look for flights to/from Split (Airport code: SPU) or Sarajevo (SJJ) and make your own way to Dubrovnik for the pick-up option OR to do Mostar directly.

If you’re traveling around Europe and happen to be in the same region as Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can also look for buses that go to Mostar. 

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sibu (me) directly. I am more than happy to give you recommendations and advice depending on your city of departure.

Yes! If traveling alone is something that’s out of your comfort zone, then I would highly recommend joining a group trip! Not only is everything organized for you, but it is a great way to meet like-minded people and have fun while traveling. I’m a big advocate of solo travel. Joining a group trip on your own counts as solo travel – it means embarking on a journey with other strangers as part of a unique experience. This is an excellent way for you to not miss out on life and travel but at the same time doing it in a safe environment where someone will always be looking out for you.

If you ever dreamt of joining a summer camp as a child, a group trip is the adult-version of that. You’re doing daily activities with fellow travelers that will become your friends. While traveling solo, it can be hard to engage with locals and learn from them. In a group trip, you can have authentic experiences that you would otherwise miss out on if you were on your own.

Depending on the region, group trips are also a great way to keep expenses down. This is just one of those instances where you’ll end up spending money wisely by joining a group trip.

Last, but not least, I travel alone most of the time and you’ll still find me joining group trips from time to time. Some experiences are just better when shared, especially with people who are curious about the world like you are. If you’re tired of waiting around for others to travel, then a group trip is for you.

Yes! You can reserve your spot by paying the $200 USD deposit. You are welcome to pay the full remaining amount by August 15th (one month before the trip starts).

You can also opt for the 3 installments option. 

1st installment due date: $223 USD due on June 30th

2nd installment: $223 USD due on July 22nd

3rd installment: $223 USD due on August 15th

You are responsible for making sure you have appropriate travel insurance (including health and CoVid coverage) in place before the trip starts to avoid any complications due to unforeseen events.

This is mandatory, and you will not be able to participate in the group trip without one. This is a requirement for all of our trips.

Non-CoVid related cancellations

We understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan.

That’s why you can cancel your reservation up to 4 weeks before the departure date without being charged for the full price of your spot. We’ll keep the deposit payment to cover the administrative costs associated with the cancellation of your booking.

Cancellation any later than this is liable to a fee to cover the cost of hotel and activity bookings.

What about CoVid-related cancellations after I’ve paid the full ticket price?

Should your trip not take place due to CoVid-19 restrictions, don’t worry – your deposit will not be lost. You can cancel your spot and transfer your deposit onto the next available trip, free of charge. If you still want to cancel your trip completely, you will receive your full refund minus the deposit payment, to cover the costs associated with managing your booking. For points 4, 5 and 6, this is why we ask our guests to purchase travel insurance for our trips to avoid any losses.

What if the trip has to be cancelled for other reasons?

If the trip can’t proceed for other reasons outside of our control, we will let you know and provide you with the option of joining the next available trip or cancelling your spot. If you do cancel your post, your total payment will be refunded.